Firemill - Fire extinguisher

The fire extinguisher of the future

A fire extinguisher for design, environment and swiftness.

A fantastic product

With an award-winning design, entirely Swedish development and production and powered by carbon dioxide in an existing pawn system, Firemill is the perfect fire extinguisher for quick and clean response to small fires in your home. It leaves no trace and is cheap and easy to refill. It also allows you to try it out and even have a little fire drill at home in your kitchen.

A fire extinguisher for design, environment and swiftness

Firemill is an award-winning design product. Completely Swedish invention, design and production. In addition, reusable in an existing return system, the absolute highest level of environmental friendliness. With just over 15,000 Firemill sold in Sweden, this ingenious carbon dioxide extinguisher has already become a natural part of many design- and safety-conscious Swedes’ homes. With a great patent pending we are now ready to enter the rest of the world.


Carbon dioxide leaves no trace

Despite the environmental discussion carbon dioxide is a completely clean extinguishing agent that leaves no trace. You do not even have to wipe the the kitchen counter afterwards. This makes Firemill perfect for swift action in the kitchen. The carbon dioxide comes from a standard carbon dioxide cylinder for carbonated water ready available in most markets and is therefor replaced easily and cheaply after use. The carbon dioxide is food-graded, so you can even eat what you put out afterwards if you would like to, even the fire blanket can not handle that. If you are worried about the climate, there is completely climate-neutral carbon dioxide available.

Some of the benefits of Firemill

Firemill has many advantages over “regular” fire extinguishers. However, it is significantly smaller and can never replace the standard 6 kg  portable powder extinguisher you should always have in your home. But with a Firemill carbon dioxide extinguisher in your home, you will hopefully not have to use your portable fire extinguisher even if the accident should occur. This can save you a lot of cleaning time.

Ladda om ikon

Fighting fire with a twist

Easy to use, with a twist of the bottom knob you can easily put out the small fire.

Tummen upp ikon


Practice makes perfect! Everyone knows how it works, no one needs to hesitate when worse comes to worse.

Återvinnings ikon svart

Refillable and clean

Carbon dioxide cylinders in an existing pawn system make Firemill cheap and maximally environmentally friendly to refill.

Buy your own Firemill

You can check out our products in the web shop on the Swedish site, but unfortunately our web shop is only available for Swedish costumers at the moment. But use our web form, an we will come back with information how you can get it from were ever you are!

How Firemill works

Firemill is a fire extinguisher with many benefits. Read more about how it works.

What it handles

Firemill is intended for small fires, but here you can read more about what Firemill can do at most.

Practice with Firemill

One important benefit with Firemill is that you can practice with it. Here we have collected some movies where we put out fires and practice with Firemill.

Read the manuals

When there is a fire, it's too late to read the manual! Here is Firemill's manual, warning texts and instructions for wall mounting.