Practice with fire extinguisher - Firemill

Practice with Firemill!

Learning by doeing! You should regularly practice what may become urgent.

Svart Firemill med svart kakel och eld i stekpanna i bakgrund

Does not replace your regular portable fire extinguisher

Firemill is intended to be used early in the course of the fire to prevent the development of a large fire. Firemill does not replace your regular portable fire extinguisher.

Best is if you are present when the fire starts, the sooner you start extinguishing the fire the better. A good way to be fast and prevent an unmanageable situation is to practice with your extinguisher. The great thing about Firemill is that it is so cheap to refill and does not pollute at all. Therefore you can actually practice with Firemill, even at home in the kitchen.

See when we practice with Firemill

Here you can see some examples when we tried and practiced with Firemill. You can easily an safely do similar simple fire drills at home in the kitchen. Use a few candles, let everyone get the feeling of the Firemill and know how it works. You can do a larger exercise in a safer place, for example in the garden with a little stove fuel for chimney-free stoves. However, if you do, be  safe and have larger fire extinguishers on hand.

Burning candlestick

Here you can see how we put out a candlestick that caught fire.

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Toaster in flames

When the bread in the toaster has caught fire, it is completely safe to extinguish with a Firemill carbon dioxide extinguisher, even if you forgot to unplug the toaster first.

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Forgotten frying pan

If you have turned your back too long and the frying pan has caught fire, perhaps the most important thing is to turn off the stove and put on a lid, but if you do not have a large enough lid, Firemill is an excellent alternative.

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Blow out the candles

Whether you want to practice, show your friends or are just too tired to blow out the candles, Firemill is always ready.

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Firemill svart kartong

Always read the manual in advance.

When a fire occurs, there is no time to read manuals. Therefore, we want you to read the manual in advance. We also want you to test Firemill in peace and quiet with the family so everyone feels comfortable with how it works. This will  save important seconds when a fireaccident occurs! After practice you can easily and cheaply replace the tube with a new one. Maybe you could make it a tradition to practice with Firemill and change the battery in the smoke alarm first Advent every year?

That's why you should buy a Firemill

What can Firemill accomplish?

Firemill is intended for small fires, but here you can read more about what Firemill can do at most.

This is how Firemill works

Firemill is a carbon dioxide based extinguisher with a lot of advantages. Here you can read about how a Firemill works and why you should have one in your kitchen.

Read the manuals

When there is a fire, it's too late to read the manual! Here is Firemill's manual, warning texts and instructions for wall mounting.

Buy a Firemill

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