Film och testprotokoll - Firemill

What it handles

Firemill is a completely new type of extinguisher based on carbon dioxide and therefore it is important for us that you understand how it is meant to be used and its capacity.

Andreas och Martin släcker eld utomhus med en Firemill

This is how Firemill has been tested

Firemill is intended to be used early into a situation when a fire erupts, in order to prevent a larger flame to develop. Therefore, its primary use is very early when the fire is still small. However we have conducted tests to check the limits for the capacity of Firemill. 

Since Firemill does not meet the criteria for a conventional fire extinguisher, we have developed our own testing criteria for a capacity that we have later on tested and evaluated. The criteria is inspired by the European standard SS EN3 class A, B and F. However we used lesser liquid surface and flammable materia than the minimum standardized test-fires when we tested our product.

Capacity tests have been planned and conducted with consultation from and under supervision of DNV ( Det Norske Veritas) which is one of the world’s leading certification organisation. Some of our films showing our capacity tests and some created fire situations can be seen below. You can read our test report through the link below as well.

Watch our test films here

We have created some fire situations together with DNV. Here you can see exactly how it turned out. It takes approximately 8 seconds to completely empty a tube if you have it fully open during the whole span of time. (not filmed)

A: Fire in a fibrous material

A stack of wood 40x40x40 is lit with petrol for a minute. The petrol is removed after this. The stack is allowed to burn for an additional 30 seconds before the fire is put out.

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B: Fire in a liquid

A round plate, 40 cm in diameter with 2 liters of water, 1 and a half liter petrol is set on fire. Petrol is allowed to burn for 1 minute before the fire is put out.

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F: Fire in oil

1 dl of cooking oil is heated till it develops a fire. Burning time is a minute. The oil being hot, reignites itself. This may repeat till the oil has cooled down.

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Distance of reach

The longest distance at which a pot on fire, 10 cm in diameter with petrol can be extinguished. The distance is measured with a measuring tape.

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Firemill svart kartong

Always read the manual first

In case of fire there is no time left to read the manual. We therefore recommend you to always read the manual before. We also would like you to test your Firemill in a relaxed environment together with the family members so everyone can feel prepared and acquainted with how the Firemill functions. This will help you to save those very important seconds when a fire erupts! Afterwards you can change the tube, easy and cheap. Maybe you can make it a little tradition to try Firemill and even change the battery in the fire alarm in your household once every year at first advent?

Why you should buy a Firemill

This is how Firemill works

Firemill is a carbon dioxide based extinguisher with a lot of advantages. Here you can read about how a Firemill works and why you should have one in your kitchen.

Practice using Firemill

An important thing is to practice using your Firemill. Here are a few films that we have put together with families practicing the usage of Firemill and trying putting out fire.

Download manuals

It is too late to read the manual when a fire erupts! Here is Firemill’s manual, warning text and instructions for the wall-bracket.

Buy Firemill

Unfortunately our webbshop is only available for Swedish costumers at the moment. But use our web form, an we will come back with information how you can get it from were ever you are!