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Fire extinguisher

Here is our shop where you can buy Firemill's nicely designed fire extinguishers that use carbon dioxide to easily put out smaller fires in, for example, the kitchen, at the barbecue or in the camper. Here you buy it directly from the inventor, and here you will first find our new accessories and colors.

Firemill store

Firemill Original fire extinguisher in Aluminum

Swedish invention Firemill original fire extinguisher. A carbon dioxide extinguisher that has been awarded several international awards for its unique design. It is a fire extinguisher that has represented Sweden during the World Exhibition in Dubai 2020. It is also in the National Museum’s collections of modern Swedish industrial design. Here we only sell the original in partially recycled aluminium. Both strong, stylish and environmentally friendly. We think this is where you should buy fire extinguishers.

Carbon dioxide extinguisher Firemill

Carbon dioxide is an agent that is used, among other things, for extinguishing fires in more sensitive environments, such as in hospitals and in electronics halls, as carbonic acid neither conducts electricity nor leaves any traces behind.
The Firemill fire extinguisher / carbon dioxide extinguisher works as a quick fire extinguisher in a stylish design and should be easily accessible in the kitchen, in the summer house, in the motor home, on the boat or at the barbecue. *

Buy a Firemill fire extinguisher for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about.

*In addition to our easy-to-use fire extinguisher, we recommend that there should always be a powder fire extinguisher in every household in case you are faced with a major fire.